Current Trainees

Robert Grant CSTP

Robert Grant

Education: BA (Hons) Economics, University of Western Ontario; MA (Doctoral Stream) Economics, University of Toronto; MD, University of Toronto, FRCPC

Division: Medical Oncology

Supervisor's Name: Drs. Steven Gallinger and Marzyeh Ghassemi

Title of Research: Predicting Outcomes in Pancreatic Cancer based on Clinical and Genomic Features using Machine Learning

Chris Kandel CSTP

Christopher Kandel

Education: MD, University of Toronto

Division: Infectious Diseases

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Allison McGeer

Title of Research: Measuring the Preventable Burden of Pneumonal Infection in Nursing Home Residents 

Calvin Ke CSTP

Calvin Ke

Education: HBSc (Human Behavioural Biology Specialist), University of Toronto; MD, University of Toronto

Division: Endocrinology and Metabolism

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Baiju Shah

Title of Research: Outcomes of Young-Onset Type 2 Diabetes in Asian Populations

Lauren King

Lauren King

Education: BS in Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame; MSc in Kinesiology, Western University; MBBS (honours and University Medal) University of Sydney

Division: Rheumatology 

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Gillian Hawker

Title of Research: Osteoarthritis in People with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Determining the Impact on Mobility and Physical Activity, and Opportunities to Improve Diabetes Outcomes

Aleksandra Leligdowicz

Aleksandra Leligdowicz 

Education: MDCM, McGill University; DPhil (Clinical Medicine), University of Oxford; BSc, University of Manitoba

Division: Critical Care

Supervisors' Names: Drs. Kevin Kain and Michael Matthey

Title of Research: The Mechanism of Tissue Injury Resulting from Systemic Infection that Leads to Septic Shock and Acute Lung Injury 

Paraish Misra CSTP

Paraish Misra

Education: M.D.C.M. Program, MED-P Stream, McGill University (Dean's Honour List)

Division: Nephrology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Cristina Nostro (Physiology)

Title of Research: The effect of hPSC-derived beta-like cells on diabetic nephropathy

Kieran Quinn CSTP

Kieran Quinn

Education: MD, Queen's University 

Division: General Internal Medicine

Supervisors' Names: Drs. Chaim Bell & Allan Detsky

Title of Research: Redefining care for the patient with advanced non-cancerous disease – identifying quality indicators near the end of life

Nathan Stall CSTP

Nathan Stall

Education: MD, University of Western Ontario; BSc (Physiology), McGill University

Division: Geriatric Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Paula Rochon 

Title of Research: Caregiving for dementia: determining the physical, mental health, and economic consequences using administrative data

Dr. Maneesh Sud

Maneesh Sud

Education: MD, University of Manitoba; BSc (Hons) Pathobiology, University of Toronto

Division: Cardiology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Dennis Ko

Title of Research: Using Big Data to Develop Models to Predict Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Abirami Vijenthira_CSTP

Abirami Vijenthira

Education: BHSc, McMaster University; MD, University of Ottawa

Division: Hematology

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Matthew Cheung

Title of Research: Application of the Generalizable Frailty Index using Population-Based Health Administrative Data in Older Patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Alanna Weisman

Alanna Weisman

Education: BHSc, McMaster University; MD, Queen's University

Division: Endocrinology and Metabolism

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Gillian Hawker

Title of Research: Association between allopurinol and cardiovascular and renal outcomes in diabetes

Eric Wong CSTP

Eric Wong

Education: B.Sc. (Toronto), M.D. (McMaster University), M.Sc. Candidate (CEHCR, IHPME, Toronto)

Division: Geriatric Medicine

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Sharon Straus

Title of Research: Cost-effectiveness of the geriatrician-led comprehensive geriatric assessment: an economic evaluation in using public health care payer perspective

Julie Wright CSTP

Julie Wright

Education: MD, University of Toronto; MSc (Physiology), University of Toronto

Division: Infectious Diseases

Supervisor's Name: Dr. Kevin Kain

Title of Research: Reducing adverse pregnancy outcomes with L-arginine

Christopher Yarnell _ CSTP

Christopher Yarnell

Education: AB in Mathematics (Princeton University); MD, University of Toronto

Division: Critical Care

Supervisor's Name: Drs. Robert Fowler & George Tomlinson

Title of Research: Advanced Trial Designs in Critical Care Medicine


Jonathan Zipursky

Education: MD, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth;  BSc (Biochemistry), Queen's University

Division: Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology 

Supervisor's Name: Dr. David Juurlink

Title of Research: Perinatal drug safety and toxicology:
Exploring risk factors for maternal self-harm and the safety of postpartum opioids using administrative data