Medical Oncology: Welcome

The Division of Medical Oncology is a dynamic and rapidly evolving specialty that provides a wide range of opportunities in research, teaching and creative professional activity. While one of the newest subspecialties within the Department of Medicine, it has quickly expanded and — with 60 members — is now one of the larger divisions in the department. Over 50% of the division members have university position descriptions as clinical-investigator, reflective of the central role that clinical research plays in cancer care. 

Key features of the division are the Medical Oncology Training Program (MOTP) and the fellowship opportunities. The University of Toronto is the largest of the 13 accredited training programs in medical oncology in Canada, and under the leadership of Dr. Raymond Jang, has been growing in popularity in recent years. There are over 50 accredited postgraduate fellows working at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre, St. Michael’s Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital. We are fortunate to have outstanding teachers and researchers in the division that are attracting the best and brightest trainees from across Canada. The program is dedicated to developing trainees for academic research positions as clinician-scientists and clinician-investigators and we are seeing great results as their work is recognized at international meetings. 

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